Welcome to the Website of Dr. Randy Carrin
   Services Offered

   Psychotherapeutic Services for Individuals and Couples

   Alleviation of Depression
   Resolution of Relationship Difficulties and Increase Intimacy
   Diminish Mood Swings
   Working through Trauma
   Managing Stress
   Alleviation of Anxiety, Fears, and Phobias
   Constructive Coping with Loss and Grief
   Constructive Coping with Illness
   Constructive Coping with Disability
   Making Life Changes
   Resolving Infertility and Adoption Issues
   Effective Problem Solving
   Increased Self-Esteem
   Successfully Navigating Alternative Lifestyles

  Successfully Handling Work Demands and Stress

   Psychological Assessments
   · learning disabilities
   · legal (parenting, custody & psychological evaluations)

   · forensic

   · adoption

   Consultation and Training
   · staff development
   · management development

   · workshops

   Employee Assistance Programs
   · assessments
   · short-term problem resolution

   · critical incident stress debriefing